“Innovative Science Education” Verona, Italy


Verona, Italia

Verona, Italy


The TTTNet Conference will take place in Verona, Italy on 7th and 8th October 2016 and the agenda contains key-note speeches, workshops, presentations, discussions, all dedicated to innovation in science education in school context.

The topics of the conference are:

  •      Innovative pedagogy in science education
  •      Teaching sciences in the primary education
  •      Assessment of learning outcomes in STEM education
  •      Innovative STEM education and key competences for lifelong learning
  •      Teaching STEM in the 21st century classroom
  •      Teaching innovation – science teaching at school supporting creativity, entrepreneurship and responsible decision making of the learners
  •      School as a roadmap to science careers – how to educate future Nobel prize winners


Key speakers at toe conference will be:

Fredi Lajvardi (USA)

Sawati Popot (India)

The conference invites teachers, university students in science subjects, PhD students, decision makers in education, science and pedagogy experts to present and exchange ideas about pedagogical methods and tools for inspiring and engaging science education.


Speakers are invited to choose from two options for their contributions:

  •      a presentation;
  •      a practical workshop for students and teachers

During the event there will be an accompanying agenda for school teams (students + teachers), which will be participating in the workshops. The profile of the students is 9 – 16 years old from Italian schools with interests in science subjects. The participating teams will chose to participate to one or more of the 16 parallel workshops.

A dissemination corner for materials and outcomes from implemented projects and an option for poster session will be available.

The official languages of the conference are English and Italian. Simultaneous translation will be provided at the plenary sessions. Workshops will be held in English and Italian with translation support.

The conference participants will receive certificate for participation.

No fees will be charged for participation in the conference.