Teacher Training

The Teacher Training Course (TTC) is composed of 5 modules (components to be taught and 3 annexes containing materials for teachers to use as required. The course is designed to fit into a 5-day program comprising 7-8 hours each day, thus fitting itself into a one-week training period.

However, the modular structure of the TTC permits a segmentation of the program, for instance into 2 or 3 segments to be conducted in 2 or 3 weekend sessions. Furthermore, each module can be taught as a stand-alone element.

This overall flexibility allows trainers to set preferences and accommodate the program to a pre-defined time-frame and other local constraints. However, to ensure optimal information processing and learning results, trainers are advised to follow the time frame and the module sequence suggested. The annexes are not required elements of the training course as such; they serve as toolboxes and collections of materials to be used where necessary or so desired.

The 5 modules comprise these methodologies and areas of implementation:

  1. Task-based learning (TBL): method and application
  2. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): method and application
  3. STEM through CLIL and with “mobile labs”: guidelines, method, application
  4. Lesson planning and execution: guidelines, checklists, templates
  5. Observing and assessing teaching (planning, processes and outcomes)

Where to be trained in the s:fl methodology

The Schools: Future Labs Teacher Training Course (TTC) has been accredited and is available to teachers in the following countries:.


Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen – The Department for Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning in Varna,



Mazowieckie Samorzadowe Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli



Other countries

The s:fl TTC is not currently accredited in other countries however there are still possibilities! We will be very happy to work with you in order to:

  • Train your teachers and pilot the s:fl methodology in your country/schools;
  • Train trainers in your national teacher training insitutes;
  • Assist you in the accreditation of the s:fl TTC in your country.

Contact us to discuss!

TTC Handbook

The Schools: Future Labs Teacher Training course handbook can also be downloaded as a PDF. It is not a perfect substitute for real-life training and interactions with other teachers… but it does cover the basics, and more importantly provides a flavour of this exciting and effective methodology!

Available languages: EN | DE | ES | BG | PL | EL | RO