Project Description


Aims and Objectives

The Schools: Future Labs project started from the recognition that current classroom practices with regards to STEM subjects as well as Spanish and German language study are ineffectual. The lack of participation and direct application during class misrepresents these subjects as abstruse and vague, leading to student disengagement.

Yet the ability to communicate in a foreign language, as well as an interest in STEM subjects, are vital to students’ future employment prospects and to the European economies.

s:fl aims to help students become captivated by these often dismissed subjects; to revive motivation and enthusiasm for both students and teachers. Through a detailed system of method implementation and evaluation, in cooperation with educational experts and dedicated researchers, the project investigated the capacity for success of a bottom-up teaching methodology informed by Action Research and CLIL. STEM subjects were taught in tandem with language study for an integrative approach to learning.

The long-term goal of s:fl extends beyond simply implementing and documenting this new methodology. Rather, the s:fl team aims to inspire progress in global educational institutions.

Project outcomes:

Through consistently attentive reflection and evaluation, SFL will establish teaching modules for STEM study in combination with Content and Language Integrated Learning. The program will conceive a thorough teacher training course methodology. Evaluation results and learning outcomes will be documented on a virtual student learning portfolio. Lastly, the effectiveness of the methodology will be considered in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Test scores as well as classroom dynamics will be analyzed in order to give a well- rounded perspective of SFL’s strengths.